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Ossiacher See 



An annual fixture for the AASC is the beautiful Lake Ossiach.

The charming lake is nestled in a picturesque mountain landscape and is located near Villach, at the foot of the Gerlitzen. The numerous leisure opportunities offer the best conditions for active holidaymakers and those seeking relaxation.

Choose from a variety of routes: 500 m, 1.5 km, 2.5 km or 5.0 km; for the first time this season, the 10.0 km is also available. Children can choose between the 250 m or the 500 m course. 


Ossiacher See
10,0 km
5,0 km
2,5 km
1,5 km
500 m Allstars
500 m Kids
250 m Kids
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Swimmers from all over the Alps-Adriatic-Region have the great opportunity to compete with others and make new friends.

You can find more information about accommodation and catering as well as the region of our venue, including possible excursion destinations and leisure activities, here:

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